About our wealth management service

Tideway’s wealth management combines the twin disciplines of financial planning and investment management to select and blend investments to optimise returns, control risks and lower tax on an ongoing basis.

The ongoing wealth management process

The ongoing wealth management process

What we do

  • We invest our clients in portfolios of collective funds on a low-cost platform that can encompass SIPPs, ISAs, GIAs and offshore bonds for individuals, couples or families.
  • We use objective driven portfolios of funds constructed to target capital growth and income on a diversified basis and at a risk level that suits you, which are then constantly monitored to keep them optimally invested.
  • We select funds to create these portfolios from a range of managers and monitor the performance, underlying investments and processes of the fund managers to achieve good returns in each asset class at a sensible level of risk.
  • We liaise with our clients on a regular basis through annual reviews and regular communication to ensure portfolios are still in line with objectives, to plan for any changes in withdrawal needs and to be tax efficient and optimal investment.
  • We provide administration of your accounts and withdrawal needs along with online daily valuations and quarterly performance reviews.

How we do it

  • Each client is assigned an adviser who will discuss your investment needs, objectives and wider financial position to establish how the investment accounts you want us to look after fit into your overall plans and what you need them to do.
  • The advisers will then select from our range of portfolios the most appropriate portfolio for each of your accounts.
  • Once the funds have been invested you will get an online login to our client portal where you can see your investments, download your quarterly performance reviews and read our investment commentary.
  • Tideway’s portfolios are deliberately low turnover. We ideally would hold each fund for ever, however we do monitor the portfolios daily and the underlying funds on a regular basis and will make changes to the funds and portfolios as we see fit to keep them optimally invested.
  • Our client services team will also be looking at your portfolio to ensure any spare cash gets invested and importantly that there is enough cash and income coming in to the portfolio to meet your future withdrawal needs.
  • The client services team will also schedule an annual review meeting or call where you can check in with your adviser and discuss any changes that might be needed.

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