Our History

2009 – 2021

Tideway Assets Under Management £440m


Tideway undergoes a complete rebranding, transforming the logos, website, colour schemes, and client portal

Tideway Assets Under Management £380m


Peter Doherty and Tideway’s UCITs funds move to Sanlam, allow Tideway to focus on Wealth Management independent of any funds

Tideway AUM: £360m private clients | £40m institutions


Tideway splits into three separate businesses to enable each to focus on its core activities:

Tideway Asset Management
Tideway Wealth Management
Tideway Pensions Advisory Services

Tideway AUM: £280m


Neil Croxford joins as Head of Operations, creating a new CRM, improving our IT and migrating client portfolios to a new custody platform with AJ Bell Securities Ltd

Tideway AUM: £150m


Tideway moves the Global Navigator from its original Luxembourg platform to a new fund administrator and structure in Ireland, renames it as the Real Return Fund

Tideway launches two more pure bond funds: Tideway GBP Hybrid Capital Bond Fund and Tideway GBP Credit Fund

Tideway’s DB pension transfer advice business expands with heightened demand driven by lower gilt yields after the Brexit vote

Sue Maydwell joins our pensions advice team

Ben Klein joins Tideway and with Sam Ratnage establishes a wealth management team

Tideway AUM: £60m


Pensions Freedoms are announced, and it is made law to receive advice to transfer a defined benefit scheme to take advantage of the new flexibilities and generational transfers

James Baxter writes a guide to defined benefit transfers which gets downloaded over 70,000 times from Tideway’s dedicated final salary transfer website

Tideway AUM: £40m


James Baxter advises a handful of clients to make defined benefit pension transfers, discovering transfer values which had doubled in value since pension A-Day in 2006.

Tideway AUM: £22m


Tideway launches its first fund managed by Peter Doherty, the Global Navigator, to invest in bonds and equities with a degree of hedging and is awarded Best Global Macro Fund for its first year’s performance.

Tideway AUM: £10m


Peter Doherty joins as Chief Investment Officer.

Tideway AUM: £0


Tideway Investment Partners LLP founded by James Baxter as a private client wealth manager and pensions adviser and takes on the first few clients.