Defined Benefits: Peter Doherty profile

Citywire, Thursday 8 February 2018

Like many wealth managers, Peter Doherty – chief investment officer and managing partner at Tideway Investment – has in recent years grown tired of repeatedly speaking to investment consultants’ receptionists and answering machines as he sought to grow his business.

Similar to a fair number of those managers, he has vented steam on the issue in a public forum, in his case posting recently on LinkedIn, a platform generally acknowledged as a place writing goes to die.

Unlike the majority of those wealth managers, however, his outburst went finance-sector viral, gathering more than 20,000 views in a week and sparking a spirited debate among people who work for some of the sector’s leading gatekeepers. These include practitioners at the likes of KPMG, Redingtons and AXA IM’s pensions business.

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