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How to make your investments pay a monthly 'salary'

The Telegraph, Saturday 8 April 2017

It is the goal of many investors: getting a regular income from a portfolio without having to lift a finger. In the past, receiving a monthly income from a portfolio could be problematic, as dividend payments were...

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James Baxter on the Personal Finance Show

Investor's Chronicle, Friday 17 March 2017

In this week's show James Baxter, partner at Tideway Wealth, joins the team to look at which investment trusts have proved to be the most reliable dividend payers over the years. They also consider some changes to the requirements for UK Equity Income sector funds and highlight a tax allowance...

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If a former pensions minister cashes in her final salary plans, perhaps you should too

The Telegraph, Sunday 8 January 2017

There are few more entrenched articles of faith in personal finance than the huge value of final salary pensions and the folly of cashing them in. The security of a guaranteed income, usually inflation-linked, for your life (or your spouse’s)...

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