Explore investment plans that act in your best interest.

Our advisors have extensive investment experience, meaning clients can remain confident that all decisions are well informed, made to protect and grow irreplaceable capital and have considered all personal circumstances.

Why us? Well, our interests are in your interest.

Have confidence that the best global opportunities have been considered alongside your personal risk profile, because we know our clients’ capital is irreplaceable. We are focused on capital preservation and passionately sensible in the way we set about investing your money.

GlobalInvesting globally

The most important factor in fund selection is the quality of the investment process

ResearchExtensive research

We believe in hard work, thorough research and strong due diligence

InflationGenerating Inflation-beating returns

The portfolios target a range of real returns, annual income yields, risk ratings and investment objectives

Thumbs upAvoiding large permanent losses

We plan for short term investment volatility; it should be embraced and not feared


We specialise in advising clients plan for their retirement

The first step to staying ahead in retirement, is by starting a straight-forward conversation with our investment experts. Read some of their insights into investing below.

Let us guide you towards a fruitful retirement with a smart, personable investment approach.

How we help with your investments

Investment planning

Different investment sectors provide different investment return characteristics and can perform differently in varying market conditions.

Key challenges when investing for income

Historically you could invest in UK Government gilts, or very low risk corporate bonds and earn a positive real return, is that still the case?

Common mistakes

Here are a few common mistakes we see that Tideway Wealth Management are acutely aware of.

Effective solutions

In designing our wealth management service, we have looked hard at the challenges and common mistakes and created solutions that address these issues.

Income drawdown advice

In this period of intense market volatility, investors will be worried as to how the economic fall-out from COVID is likely to impact their portfolios.

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