Important Information

Terms and Conditions:

These describe the terms and conditions which apply to the services we are able to provide and our relationship with you.

Privacy Policy:

We take privacy seriously and we ask that you read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy carefully as they contain important information about our commitment to:

  • protecting the personal data you provide to us;
  • telling you how we use the information we gather about you; and
  • ensuring that you know the circumstances under which we may disclose your personal data.

Complaints Procedures:

At Tideway we take all complaints seriously. If you wish to raise a complaint please contact the Complaints Management Function at Tideway by calling 020 3143 6100, emailing or in writing to Tideway Investment Partners, 107 Leadenhall Street, London, EC3A 4AF. 

For further details of how we will handle your complaint please read our Complaints Management Procedures which is available upon request using the above contact details.

You may also be eligible to complain to the Financial Services Ombudsman, please refer to for further information and contact details.

Pillar 3:

This document presents our consolidated Pillar 3 disclosures and provides key information around capital, risk exposures and risk management.

Consolidating Accounts